Monitoring Network

Comprised of young representatives of 17 forestry organizations, the Monitoring Network carries out fire prevention and control tasks in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

The heat points recorded in Petén over the years show that less than 1% of the fires that affect the Maya Biosphere Reserve occur within community concessions. This record is largely due to the prevention, control and territorial surveillance practices carried out by the Community Monitoring Network of ACOFOP in the Multipurpose Area of the Reserve.

The Monitoring Network executes more than 1,000 patrol missions and maintains 500 kilometers of firebreaks annually. Consisting mostly of young representatives of community organizations, the network uses drones and geographic information systems to collect data that is used by the concessions in fire-prevention and strategic planning tasks.

Women's Network

The progress of women is directly related to the progress of their communities, learn about the work of the community leaders of ACOFOP

Made up of almost 500 women from ACOFOP’s base associations, the Women’s Network represents its organizations at a national and international level, and directs several productive projects such as the commercialization of xate palm for export, the productino of pepper and Ramón seed as well as the development of tourims in their communities.

The women that take part in the Network have received training in leadership and skills strengthening. The Network’ has achieved a broad participation in organizational decision-making and in the opening of international advocacy spaces such as the Women’s Network of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests as well as the Women Saving Lives Network, a tri-national alliance of women from Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.